Software Engineer (Front End)

Job description

One Codex is a data platform for microbial genomics. You'll join a technical, experienced (and profitable!) team working on meaningful problems that range from infectious disease diagnostics to outbreak epidemiology to improving our understanding of the microbiome. We work with top researchers, medical institutions, biotechs, and have processed samples from all 7 continents and space!

We're currently looking for frontend engineers to help build out new features and applications. Our frontend applications are built in React (increasingly utilizing GraphQL) and emphasize clear – yet detailed – presentations of complex scientific information to our users. Often this includes visualization of genomic features or other scientific data, e.g., with D3.js. On the backend, we run a small number of Python microservices (Flask) and write lower-level bioinformatics code in Rust.

We are based in San Francisco, and offer a competitive salary, meaningful above-market equity, and the chance to be an early employee in a well-positioned startup. Benefits include full medical, dental, and vision coverage, a flexible vacation policy and relocation assistance if moving to the Bay Area. 


  • You are experienced and effective with modern Javascript, HTML, and CSS (significant experience with React, Vue, or a similar framework is a plus!)
  • You are knowledgable and opinionated about frontend architecture
  • You communicate well and work effectively with others
  • You are comfortable with a high degree of freedom and commensurate responsibility